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I realised that I didn’t upload this picture till just now because it was taken with my phone! This is a dessert from the Chinese restaurant ‘Yautcha” called “Baba (?) Matcha Shochu” if memory serves right.

We ate this a couple of weeks ago actually. The eye dropper thingy is what contains the shochu. I had to sneakily take a pic of this with my phone camera because Yautcha is a chi-chi place that doesn’t allow photo-taking of any sort within its premises. Taste test: Love the presentation, love the matcha cream, yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) was a little interesting combination and shochu’s always a good liquor for desserts. The whole mish-mesh wasn’t that exciting though.

Now, what WAS exciting was having lunch at Nobu where the food was “faultless” as described by one food critic. The Park Lane view is rubbish. You see more cars and the road rather than the park. Foodwise…

The beef tenderloin that I had ordered in my set lunch (GBP 25). It was done to perfection! I ordered medium and it was just the way I liked it. It originally comes with a wasabi pepper sauce but you guys will know by now how much I detest wasabi, so I changed it to a Teriyaki-ish sauce. This set comes with sashimi and tempura (had to remind the waitress about the tempura before it came) as well..but I was too hungry and just gobbled it all up. We waited 30 minutes for our food but the quality was well worth it.

Above: Gor’s Bento (GBP 28) which contains a sashimi salad, assorted sushi, fried prawns in a yuzu ponzu, black cod in miso and grilled vegetables with spicy sauce on top of his rice. Sushi – fresh but normal. Sashimi salad was yummy as the acid from the ponzu dressing had half-cooked the tuna slices so they were soft and flavourful. The fried prawns were like popcorn prawns…perhaps Mac’s/ KFC/ Mos Burger/ Long John’s Silver ought to come up with something like this. The buttery vegetables were very pleasurable as well.

Our wagyu & foie gras gyoza (GBP 15). This was meant to be our appetitzer but it came along with our mains. -__-; Order this only if you like beef/ lamb because the taste is quite strong. Yum yum!

Now…for a really WOW dessert….

When we ordered it, it read “Goma parfait on chocolate soil” (GBP 9.50). Ok…I understood that goma is sesame…so goma parfait should be black sesame ice cream. Chocolate soil??? When the dish came, we finally understood that chocolate soil referred to chocolate cake crumbs that they placed to look like soil. They had also made the ice cream into the shape of a stone and added sugar ‘mushrooms’ and one of these mushrooms had a chocolate lizard drawn on it. How cute!!

Taste was fantastic as well!! The goma ice cream was creamy and smooth and went really well with the chocolate crumbs. There was hint of chocolate coming through the cake crumbs but without it being overpowering. Wonderful. I feel inspired to recreate this dish!! 2 thumbs up and hats off for the dessert chef!!

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