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I had so many evening events happening last weekend that I am now faced with a serious backlog in blogging. So…apologies if you’re sick of seeing my previous post! 🙂

Well, just an update on what I did last Sat….it was Suzanne’s birthday dinner and we went to this restaurant called Beach Blanket Babylon. I really like the atmosphere and decor of the place…really reminded me of Mimolette in Singapore. They have a dance floor and bar downstairs with a spinning DJ.

Here’s the Birthday gal with her “Happy 18th Birthday” balloon and tiara. Yup…she’s turning 18…again! Haha…

H, who sat next to me, ordered the pan seared scallops on polenta for her starters. I took a bite and I must say that it was quite yummy!

My bro and a few others ordered the soup of the day, which was French Onion Soup. They said that it was very yummy and was a ‘healthier’ version because there wasn’t cheese in it.

I was the lone experimenter on the table who ordered the crab and pea shoot salad and WHAT A GOOD CHOICE!! It was savoury, creamy and slightly sweet from the fresh peas. I could eat two servings of this and skip the main course.

H’s main course of sea bass….

My yellowfin tuna steak. Not bad…but my salad overshadowed it. =P

We were ‘chased’ from our table after our mains because they needed the table. As such, we walked downstairs for drinks and to dance…and this is what we saw.

This man was wearing glasses, had incredibly messy long hair and he was dressed in a T-shirt and skirt. The picture speaks for itself.

There was another table full of transvestites just behind him…but they were dressed in the typical loud makeup etc.

Suzanne’s chocolicious cake!! Sinfully good….mmm…..

Why 3 candles? Go make a guess 😉

I’m not sure whether you can see it clearly at the bottom…but we had extra entertainment when a bunny man came into the restaurant and started dancing around the whole restaurant.
His face was painted white with drawn nose, mouth and pink cheeks. He was wearing a hot pink leotard and fish net stockings!! Some of his hairy chest was exposed too!! LOL!!! Some things, I can only see it here and not in Singapore….

We stayed on and chatted (and ate cake too) with bubbly in our hands. I was feeling really pooped by midnight (was out the whole of Sat) and so, my bro and I left but I heard that the party continued till 3am! I feel like clubbing now….

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