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I’ve decided on my theme for next month’s collection for Oct 1983 and it will be called “Pandora’s Box”.

So…I’m already thinking up the names of each piece like “Greed, Envy, Pride…” and of course, “Hope”!

I think this will be considerably one of my darker collections and like me…my personality swings from dark to bright…goth to pastel. Quite eclectic.

How did I get my inspiration? Well, I was shopping one day and I saw a store named “Pandora’s Box”. I immediately thought of the myth where Pandora opened the box (it actually is a jar, but was mistranslated from Greek) and unleashed evils into the world.

Since Autumn/Winter collections in the fashion industry tend to be more greys and blacks, I thought that I’d go along and create a darker collection that runs along with the evils that Pandora let out.

Moreover, some people do think that our female lust with accessories are downright evil! Hahaha…

Well, if you have any ideas, do let me know! I’d love to work with feedback!

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