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Today has been quite a packed day full of activities but it was surprisingly relaxed and didn’t feel rushed at all. I just got home from the Ne-yo concert, held at the O2 stadium, and will blog about that on Monday once I’ve finished uploading the pictures and videos.

Love weekends and the things can one can do. I nearly bought a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes for GBP 49. It was on sale!! Original price was GBP 90!! However, I forlornly passed the shoes to the sales assistant as poor me cannot afford to buy shoes at that price. 🙁 They were lovely baby doll heels in nude pink. :(( Well, upside is that I bought a spaghetti blue dress from Pepe Jeans at GBP 24! 🙂

Ok…I shall go and blow my hair and then sleep. Need to wake up early for mass tomorrow. *yawn*


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