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We held a dinner party on Sat evening, hence my very late blogging updates 😛

Gor & I cooked kiam chye ak…otherwise known as Salted Vegetable Duck soup. It turned out really good!! I actually struggled with the whole duck without a cleaver. I just used the largest knife…which isn’t that large compared to the chinese cleavers that you see your butchers use.

I now know how to remove the thighs, wings and breast meat from the duck!! Ok, it doesn’t look as nice as what the butcher would do…but heck. Good enough for kiam chye ak. =P

I just viewed my Singtel bill online and I am horrified at the amount that I have to pay for nonsense calls. I really mean nonsensical calls from True Yoga and other telemarketers as well as other people trying to sell me something etc. Over $3/call ok!! Why so much? Well, Singtel first charges me $1.80 for the call, then they charge me another $1 for IDD rerouting charges, followed by 20% roaming surcharge!! Ugh. I’m soooo gonna switch off my Singapore mobile when I sleep.

Bah…ok, I spent the last 1 hour sifting through my phone bill and kicking up a fuss about the sms charges too. I find it sooooo stupid that Singtel customer service officers are only online from 8am-6pm. Wah laus!!

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