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There’s a part 2/ conclusion to Tue’s drama.

Last night, bro and his flatmate had a discussion (yes, so drama…and it was really a mountain out of a molehill). Basically, we have resolved our differences and both of us still think that we’re both right. So…we’ve agreed to disagree.

However, bro’s flatmate called me “Selfish” and “greedy” and he still thinks that way. Well, let me ask you. If I were really selfish and greedy as he has called me, I wouldn’t have vacuumed the flat every other day, mopped the floor, put HIS and his brother’s dirty dishes into the dishwasher, kept the clean dishes and glasses in the cupboards, told his brother that he could change the tv channel as and when he wanted cos I was just channel surfing nor would I have waited for him and his bro to be out of the flat before using the tv personally.

He even bent certain truths, which of course my bro told me that he knew weren’t true.

Seriously, although the discussion came as a relief and there wasn’t a shouting match. If he didn’t overreact on Tue, we could’ve had a nice civilised conversation and reach a similar conclusion. Ah well, what’s done is done and what was said has been said. Lesson learnt? There’s no place like home and living alone is a definite better option.

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