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My brother finally brought me to Camden on Sunday! If you like grungy stuff, gothic lolita-esque clothes and shoes, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!!!

One of the first few things that you’ll notice when you come out from Camden Town Tube station is the young crowd. The streets are really packed and there are tons of people with tattoos advertising their tattoo parlours and of course, there are loads of kokky, quirky shoes that I have to tell myself, “Doesn’t go with anything…doesn’t go with anything….”

Camden immediately reminded me of Harajuku in Tokyo. Except that Harajuku has a significantly younger crowd (mostly 20 and below) and Harajuku is a LOT narrower.

Fans of Aldo shoes would love to know that their budget store is located at Camden! The shoes there are on further 30-50% off. In other words, retail priced GBP 100 shoes can go to GBP 30 or even GBP 20!! I didn’t know that last Sunday. I thought the first marked-down price was the final price but my cousin told me otherwise. Ok…I shall go back there without my bro one day.

Anyway, in Camden, there is a Stables Market which is a converted stable (duhhh…). It is kinda newly opened so the lower ground (where the horse stalls are now store stalls) aren’t occupied. Nonetheless, the ground level is bustling with crowds of people and it kinda feels like Jatujak Market in Bangkok.

I didn’t buy anything but I do think that it is worth visiting at least once. Especially if you have teens. I say avoid those stores that obviously are selling goods bought from Thailand. Those are definitely Jatujak Market stuff…haha.

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