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Hi folks…serious backlog cause I have been busy unpacking, adjusting to the time, repairing a client’s bracelet, passing a friend her Burberry’s bag AND I just started at my new job today!! Shan’t mention names cos goodness knows what will spread etc…but Day 1 has been good overall 🙂 I think I might enjoy working here for quite some time.

Before I blurp on…I need to warn you guys that this post will be a long one since I’m making up for lost time. It’ll be quite random as well…ok, you’ve been informed. Read on at your own risk…muahahaha….

This is the picture I took on the Wed night before flying home. The moon was so full and made such a lovely picture with the London Eye. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera, so I had to use my phone cam…but it turned out quite well! 🙂

On the plane on the way home!! Tired…


Oh…I went to Kino last Tue and the translated version of ‘Ouran High Host Club’ Vol 14 is now out!! Can you feel my sense of accomplishment?? That’s my name as the English translator!! *Huge grin*

Went to visit Em and her baby Henry. Baby Henry was born premature and that’s why he’s so tiny…but he’s such a hilarious boy. He really knows what he wants and he constantly wants to be cuddled and held but even when held, he has certain positions that he likes to be in. That’s why he’s in such an awkward position in this pic…he just plopped over. Haha…and he likes to smile on one side…like Elvis Presley!! All the best Em! I know that you’re gonna be a wonderful mother and enjoy being one!

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