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I’ve started at my new job on Thu and coincidentally (I think my boss timed it that way too), there have been 2 events over the past 2 days. As such, I have been coming home late and time home had been spent just reading through emails/ facebook msgs etc.

My official title is Development Executive and in essence, I am a fundraiser for the University that I’m working for (no brownie points for guessing the name :P). However, fund-raising also entails events…so I’m also an events manager in that sense! That being said, the job seems quite up my alley and I do feel like I’m working for a good cause. 🙂

Thank you Sing for your wonderful referral! Can’t wait for you to be home from Vietnam and then we should go drink ourselves silly and listen to you bitch. Muahahaha….

I promise not to abandon my blog…but please do understand if I can’t update it everyday! I am very thankful that you (yes, you) are still interested to read my little rantings/ whinging/ random nonsense from day to day.

Cheers y’all!

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