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Was reading my friend’s, Hendra, blog and he mentioned this vid clip that’s raging like H1N1 on the net. Amazing…this guy was whacked by his, whom we assume, girlfriend. She used her high heel to hit him below the belt three times AND she used that same heel to hit his face!! OMG.

Worst part is that the guy didn’t even retaliate!! He had this sheepish stance and just let her carry on her rampage. Apparently, this couple caused a jam because cars couldn’t drive past her car (a Lexus, btw).

You can see the clips in the link below:

Message to the man: pls grow some balls cos you obviously need it.

I wouldn’t want to date someone like that…I like a man who behaves like a man.

To the woman: what’s wrong with you? Does it make you feel better to humiliate your male friend in public? Do you get some kind of power trip?

I strongly believe that what goes around, comes around. Girl, your next boyfriend might pull the same kind of shit on you!

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