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Went to watch Harry Potter on Sat at IMAX. Little did we know that part of it was going to be in 3D!! I was so thrilled and started getting all excited when we were queuing for the glasses and to get into the theatre! Obviously, we had to ham it up and take pics of us in our humongous 3D glasses. How chic.

Had to control ourselves since flashes from the camera weren’t very pleasant for the other cinema goers…hehe.

Well, only 12 minutes of the movie was in 3D but oh my…it was SOOOOOO good! It looked as if the snow flake was right in front of us and when the evil ones were flying around London, it felt as if we were flying alongside too. Oh…it was fun to mentally go: “Ooh…that’s Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s, Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern! Been there!” (^^)v

Haha….watching Harry Potter in the country of Harry Potter!! What could beat that?

Overall, I enjoyed the film and I didn’t really feel like it was disjointed although a couple of people told me that they felt that it was all over the place. Gor was a little disappointed that there weren’t any more scenes of new magic spells etc. However, I did feel that Harry Potter wasn’t portrayed as having lots of potential to vanquish Voldemort (apologies to Potter fans if I mispelt his name). In fact, Potter seemed rather daft. He was soooo obvious when he was trying to fish info from the Professor. How duh can one get?

I haven’t read the books but I think its high time that I did. I’m looking forward to Iggy’s kind donation of his books!!! Thank you in advance!!

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