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Ughs…I should’ve checked the Japanese Cultural Society of Singapore’s website earlier. I just went there and realised that they had an online application that closed last Fri! 🙁 Would’ve really saved me a lot of trouble to just d/l the forms and email them over. Now, I have to go down to JCSS during lunch to grab the forms (will cost be $2!!!) and then I probably have to go down again just to hand in the forms. What makes things worse is that the cost of the JLPT2 has increased to $55 this year!!

Hmm….the website wrote that JLPT will now be held twice a year from 2009 onwards…but I don’t recall any announcement for JLPT in July. Hmmms….should I go ahead with taking my JLPT2 this Dec? I know for sure that I haven’t been studying my Japanese and my language skills isn’t up to that standard yet. *Sigh* should I waste that $57?? *sigh* Decisions, decisions….

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