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Went to watch La Cage aux Folles last night with my brother and it was FABULOUS! We were meant to watch it on Tues evening with 2 other friends but by the time they had both confirmed, the cheap GBP 10 tickets were all sold out, so we cancelled the whole thing. However, Gor and I really wanted to go watch it…so we went to at the last minute (haha…very corny I know) and managed to get GBP 15 tickets!! And guess what? Our tickets were FRONT ROW STALL seats!!! This is the first time I have been up close to the stage and able to see the actors’ expressions etc.

Ok…anyway, about the musical…the story revolves around a nightclub owner, George, and his drag queen partner, where their lives are rocked when George’s son is engaged to a right-wing politician’s daughter. Hilarity ensues when the whole family tries to put on a face of normality when the in-laws visit for a day.

Just some side info, La Cage aux folle was originally a play and the French movie was released in 1978. It has since been remade into an American film called The Birdcage starring Robin Williams, Gene Hackman and Nathan Lane. The musical was first staged in 2002.

I really really enjoyed myself last night. The music was good, the performers were fanatastic (except the actor who played the son…he was terrible) and the story was heartwarming. I enjoyed it A LOT more than Wicked. So, if you’re dropping by in London before Jan 2010…you MUST MUST MUST go see La Cage aux Folles!!! It gets my 2 thumbs up and toes included! LOL 🙂

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