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Baked this strawberry shortcake on Thu. Had inspiration to bake one when I saw someone on TV eating a slice of strawberry cake. Haha…I can be so easily influenced by what I see on the telly.

The strawberry shortcake isn’t like a sponge cake so it isn’t entirely sweet. The pastry is a short crust pastry that’s slightly savoury and this is contrasted with the sweet strawberries & cream filling and whipped cream on top.

Despite its messy appearance, I must say that I am quite pleased with the results considering that I didn’t have a measuring cup (I found out later that there WAS one in the cupboard). It could use a lot more strawberries and cream though…but Gor and I went shopping for these ingredients without the recipe at hand. So, overall….PASS! 🙂

Speaking of cravings…I had a sudden craving for bubble tea on Wed and on that night, I dreamt that my bro drank bubble tea and placed the empty cup in front of me to spite me! He even went “Heheheheheheh” while placing the cup on the coffee table in front of me! *cries* 🙁 Well, at least I know that that will never happen in real life. ;P

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