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I had an event today and I couldn’t be any ‘luckier’.  I was stuck in the blardy lift for 15 minutes JUST while I was putting up the signage for my event.
That’s not the amusing part.  The highlight of me being stuck in the lift was that I was pressing the bell for about 2 minutes before someone said, “Hello? Hello?” via the lift intercom.  When I told the security guard that the lift had stopped and wasn’t moving, this was the uber intelligent question that he asked me:
“Are you inside?”
Speechless.  -__-;
No, I’m actually outside the lift and decided to use the lift intercom because I had no other choice.
Oh.  The facilities people had kindly stuck a list of emergency numbers to dial on the side of the lift.  Just how does one dial those emergency numbers when you can’t get a signal inside the lift? -__-;;
The security guard didn’t say ANYTHING after I had replied that yes, I was stuck inside.  I had to ring the alarm again to tell him specifically that my lift was stuck on the 2nd floor. -__-;;;  It was only then that he told me that he had called the technicians. 
Thank goodness the technicians took 15 minutes to arrive and get me out.  Imagine my panic being stuck inside the lift while I had signs to post, making sure my reception table’s done etc.  I’m so grateful that my colleague helped me although she didn’t have to.  Thanks babe!  That’s what a team is for!!
In all, my event was a success and we’re all glad that it went so smoothly – especially since this is the first time we’ve done it.  Sorry, I can’t go into details.  We’ve received excellent feedback about the school etc.
The food was great (Marmalade Pantry rocks!), the wine was delish (we’ve got to thank our board member who gave us his expensive wines…a bottle of his Red Magnum cost $1k and the whites were $300 apiece!) AND there was a doctor participant who is HOTTER than Brad Pitt.  Oooh…he’s gorgeous.  We’re gonna invite him back for more events.  Yummy. LOL

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