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My left eyelid has been twitching for the past two days and if you’re like me, you’d believe that bad things will happen if your left eye twiches.

Well…I think one of the bad things happens to be the new ‘improved’ version of Firefox which screws up my blogger AND facebook. Bleurgh. I used to be a firefox fan. Now I find myself searching for another browser to rave about. Bleurgh.

Another ‘bad’ thing is this: I can’t seem to upload my phone pics onto my comp! Wanted to blog about certain amusing things in the office today…guess I have to wait until my comp decides to be friendly with my phone and LET ME UPLOAD PICS!! Grrr…..

On a better note, I have purged my clothes and bag closets and have about 26 items for sale during my online ‘garage’ sale! I realise that I really do have a lot of bags…some of which I’ve only used once or never used before.

Speaking of bags, I am planning a Longchamp and Marc by Marc Jacobs spree soon…so do look out for that posting! Do send me an email at if you’d like to be on my Oct 1983 mailing list too!

Ok…let me try to get this picture upload thing to work once more while my darn left eye continues twitching…ciao!

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