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On Tue, after a talk on the Oneness programme, a bunch of us went for supper and while waiting for our food…a sudden “Vrooom vroom” sound was heard followed by 2 imported sports cars parked just next to us.

Check out the license plate – TMJ. Wince then kindly explained to us that its the Prince of Johor. Ooh…Prince of Johor coming all the way to Singapore for supper. True indeed, there was the bodyguards flanking them. One driving in a Jeep and the other in a proton. I think there were two princes because there was another imported car with the license plate RMJ. What do they stand for? I have NO idea.

The Singapore police was doing their rounds and you could see all the Singaporean cars scrambling to drive off since they were parked there illegally but they just drove past this Malaysian entourage.

Hehe…that was my entertainment for the night. There was the Oneness programme talk earlier that proved to be emotionally draining but more on that once I’m able to really put thoughts into words. 🙂

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