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This is the post that most of you have been waiting for! Some of you are probably reading my blog JUST for this. To those hopping over from Qing’s blog – hellos! Anyway….*Cue drumroll* iiiittt’s….Christopher Lee and Fann Wong’s wedding! It was held on 29.09.09 at Shangri La’s ballroom.

How would I describe it? Crowded and it was definitely a media circus. A bunch of photogs were awaiting guests at the entrance and they couldn’t be bothered with my family and I. There were tons of celebrities and those were the targets of said photogs as well as cameramen.

The first part of the wedding was filmed live and telecast on local tv. Yup, the whole of Singapore watched their wedding live on tv. It was broadcast simultaneously in the ballroom too…so it was rather entertaining.

Please be courteous and ask me ( for permission to download the pics. Enjoy the pics!!

Screens showing the ‘torture’ Chris had to endure before he can claim his bride.
Our hosts for the evening – Chong Qing and Irene Ang. They were joking throughout the evening that Irene wanted to steal Christopher Lee while Chong Qing can only admire Fann Wong from afar.

Finally, the couple makes their appearance. I’m sure most of you have already read about their Bollywood Glam theme in the New Paper. So no need for me to reiterate.

Gor & I. As you can see, I didn’t wear a pink dress. The pink dress was veto-ed by bro and mum. They said that it made me look pregnant 🙁 Well, I think this dress looks like a shiny sack…but ah well…shiny sack is better than preggers, I guess?

I blame me mum for my big arms. Don’t talk to me about weight training on arms etc. I bet I can out-row you! 😛

I realise that my cousins are the few people who don’t complain about me making them look darker/ more tanned when I’m next to them. 🙂

Qing’s bun which took 2 hours to style, pin and spray into place. Very chic and cute! Not like your typical bun!

One of the dishes that we had. It’s the only one where it is too orange/ overexposed. The lighting in the ballroom was super orangey and I only have my darling Sony point-and-shoot. Garv – I’m not a pro…so shuddup about getting another camera 😛

Patricia Mok with her fabulous handbag bought from Indonesia!
This pic was flashed on the screens for soooooo long, I just decided to take a pic of a pic. Nice photo though…I WANT!!

With Dr Georgia Lee…she was wearing super duper high heels….I’d like to donate some fats to her and she can put them wherever she wants to…
My dad passed my camera to some random dude and this is the result. Ughs. Nice to know how I look like from the side….

I’m waiting for the other cousins to upload their pics and send them over!! There are tons more shots and we really felt like wannabe celebs because our families had sooo many cameras, we didn’t know where to look at.

We were exhausted at the end of the dinner as it ended close to midnight! All in all, it was a typical wedding dinner – lots of courses, lots of time in between courses, not much entertainment between courses, mad dash to take photos, lots of trips to the loo just to walk around and amuse oneself and lotsa booze. I think my table of us cousins had finished at least 4-5 bottles of wine and there were 3 people on our table who didn’t drink.

In a nutshell – Mediacorp D&D (lol…CEO & COO were there with tons of celebs!)/ proper wedding dinner/ family reunion! Haha….

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