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I know that I haven’t really been updating my blog and those who are regular readers must be going, “HUH?” about my earlier post.  Those who have been following my tweets ( would know that I’m getting frost-bitten in my office thanks to the powerful air-con…and that I just ate the most expensive bee hoon @ $3.20 (only bee hoon, veg, a piece of fish cake and a piece of fake fish fillet!!)…and that I can’t decide to bake or make ice-cream.

Another thing that I can’t decide on is what to wear for THAT cousin’s wedding.  Hmms…I’ve decided that I will take photos and let you readers vote! 😉  Do help me make a good choice ok? 

September is a kerrrazzzzy month for me.  Sing will be back next week (yay!), my parents’ anniversary is also next week…Moon’s bday will soon follow.  That’s on the personal front.  On the work front, it’ll be my school’s (ok, I don’t own it…I just work for them) Official Opening and Open House at the end of the month.

So…busy busy busy!!!!

Will promise to take those piccies and post! Please vote ok?



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