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My bro just came home for good and look at the yummies he brought home!! Above is hot chocolate from Amsterdam. The chunks of chocolate are stuck on wooden spoons and all you have to do is dunk them into hot milk and give it a good whirl.

I’ve tried the one with the red pepper and the result wasn’t very good looking, so no pics on that.

Taste-wise, I must say that the chocolate was smooth and the kick from the pepper was just nice. Perfectly done! Much better than Chocz (sorry Sing, I know you love them)!

I think I can eat this like a chocolate lolly. Yums. Hahaha…

Macarons from Pierre Herme! Remember my previous post about macarons from Pierre Herme? Well…my bro’s friend was in Paris and she bought a box of them! Not for us though. This lot is my bro’s job to pass to said friend’s sis. 🙁 I also want….

The box is uber cute, isn’t it?

Child clogs from Amsterdam! Nice and bright and surprisingly light too! Why wear clogs? Same reason as our cha-kia(s) where it keeps your feet nice and dry when the roads/ streets are flooded. Don’t forget that the Netherlands are low-lying and parts of it is below sea level.

The Longchamp package meant for a client. She ordered the limited edition “Sergeant Colonel” Le Pliage in Bilberry (see side pic).

My brother happily said ‘yes’ when the SA asked whether he would like it to be gift packaged. 🙁 Now I can’t see the actual bag. Ah well…at least my client will know that it is 100% authentic!! Hope she is thrilled to have it. I know that its sold out in Singapore. Especially the graphite colour.

Wee~ Europe and all the food/ bags/ shopping!!

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