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The school that I am working in has organised a Hari Raya Decorations competition and each department is supposed to decorate as a team…but I ended up decorating my department alone! Boohoo…! Well, if there are any prizes, I am getting it. =P

The rules state that we’re supposed to send in 3 photos but there is NO way that we could send 3 standalone pics…so…here’s what I did:

The rules didn’t state that we HAD to send in 3 standalone photos, right? Hiak hiak hiak….

Anyways…may the best department win!! Aiy…I’m not too fussed about winning/ losing. I can’t wait for Sept to be over!! Sep is a keeerrrazy month for me. I just celebrated my parents’ anniversary last night (will blog about it soon), had to come in early today to do a conference call with the US, am meeting Sing for drinks later tonight (yay…my sister from another set of parents is back!!), have YET to take pics of my dress choices to get votes, will be meeting customers to pass them their Samantha Vega bags (woohoo~ they’re here!!), celebrating Moon’s birthday this weekend, school’s official opening and open house the week after Hari Raya and THAT cousin’s wedding on 29th (coincides with Open House)….somebody, clone me!!

Ok…shall get out of my office and take a thawing walk. I’m freezing….brrrr….my office is like a freezer while my room oscillates between a furnace and a proper room. Ugh. I’m going to get sick soon.

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