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Lookey…here’s the bouquet of flowers that my dad bought for my mum! Aren’t they pretty?

We went to Valentino’s for dinner that night and the food was very good! The wait staff was very friendly and I love how cosy and homely the restaurant feels. The fact that the restaurant is family-run adds to that homely atmosphere.

Here’s what we ate:

The day’s special – proscuitto ham with buffalo mozarella drizzled with olive oil and basil. YUMMY!!!

Fried calamari. They’ve increased the price of this from $15.90 to $19.90 but it is soft and still delicious! Nevertheless, there is something about Spageddies’ fried calamari that’s superb.

My main (another day’s special) – Ravioli with wild boar. The meat filling wasn’t gamey but tasted a little like beef. Simple but really yum.

Check out that funky contraption that the waitress is using! It automatically shreds the parmesan cheese! I’ve gotta have that!!

Gor’s Risotto.

Mum’s lobster linguine. Mmmm……you can really taste the lobster in the sauce!

Dad’s stewed pork belly with a side of spaghetti aglio olio. The pork was very tender and surprisingly not very fatty. Two thumbs up! Oh…yes, that was another day special…not on the menu!

Now…onto dessert….this is the exciting part….hhehehehe….

This is dad’s vanilla ice cream with chocolate salami. Salami?? Well…it is chocolate biscuits with nuts and comes in a long can. It is then cut up into slices like seen above. They kinda resemble salami, don’t they?

Here’s ours (yes…we shared. Must share the calories!!)….chocolate cake that has rum raisin, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and flaming sambucca. Watch it FLAME………..

Exciting, isn’t it? Heee 😀 Btw, the sambucca tastes a little bit like toothpaste…that was the only downside. Otherwise, ice cream, chocolate and booze is ALWAYS welcomed!! 😉


Check out my new hairstyle! I now have bangs…ladida….

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