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I went to watch “Blood Ties” with my family on Sun evening after dinner. I have been wanting to watch this film ever since I saw the trailer one odd day in London. Yes…it has been 1 month in the waiting!!
It sells itself as a horror flick by first time local director Chai Yee-Wei who wrote the film as well. The story is mainly about a murdered cop’s spirit possessing his sister in order to seek revenge. This is based on the belief that the spirit of a deceased returns on the 7th night and that the murdered cop can only rest in peace once the blood of those who murdered him is cast on his grave.
This movie has a very strong cast of newcomers as well as veterans such as Cheng Pei Pei and Kenneth Tsang. However, the most incredible performance has to go to the lead – Joey Leong, who was such a convincing possessed Qing. Mind you, she’s only 14 years old.
There has been much talk about the rape scene and I can’t remember the name of that model who acted as the cop’s wife. I must say that THAT was the only scene that she acted really well. When she wasn’t being raped, she seemed a little too plastic. However, its her first acting kudos to her.
Generally, I enjoyed the movie. I think the storyline’s good, the pace was good and the acting was great for most. It can be improved further on the cinematography side. The gun fighting scene seemed too fake as certain scenes were too long while others were too choppy but overall, the music just doesn’t quite gel. The director tried to be poignant in some scenes but it just ended up seemingly pointless (scene where the balloon floated, the little girl etc…). Seemed jarringly trying to be arty when the film’s pace isn’t meant to be so.
Nonetheless, I can’t stress how great the plot is! Go watch it!! Be more thrilled than spooked. This ain’t a horror flick. Seriously.

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