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Congrats to Moon for winning Her World’s Project Makeover last night!! I also found out that somebody *ahem* has a new bf and her reason for NOT telling me was because “it happened very fast.” Hello…as a best friend, I demand knowing full details from start to current etc! What’s his full name? Age? Occupation? How did you meet him? How did you two get together etc!!

Ok…I shall grill you during your bday celebrations. Heheh…be prepared! No presents till you spill the story!

That’s Moon doing her little spiel on Clinique and their products during their workshop…

Ok…I shouldn’t have been lazy. I didn’t wear any make up and looked so washed out next to Ms Project Makeover. =P

All the contestants….

Spot the celebs! Andrea de Cruz, Melody Chen, Randall Tan and the singer from one of the singers from the rock band…aiyah…I can’t remember his name. They’re all seated in the front row, near the mannequin.

Moon receiving her bouquet of flowers plus the prizes of vouchers etc. As expected, she looks stunned and shaking with nervousness.

Congrats on winning the contest and on your new beau! See ya on your bday celebrations and we’ll sing our hearts out. Ok…now its up to me, the organiser (what’s new), to make the relevant reservations.

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