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Hiak hiak hiak…my 5-day birthday celebration kicked off on Fri evening when I met up with Sing and Siew Mai for dinner plus karaoke till past midnight!! Woohoo!!! We rock!! Hahaha…haven’t gone karaoke for a loooong time and it was just so fun.

Siew Mai has been out of Singapore for such a long time and then she kept singing wrong words for some of the Chinese songs!! Her excuse? Dyslexia. -__-;;; ROFL like that’s applicable to chinese characters! =P Well, at least she tried.

Sat’s celebrations started at 3pm for the matinne “Hossan Leong Show”. Verdict? Um…felt more like the product placement show with Hossan in it. I know that you need to thank your sponsors especially in theatre where sponsorship tends to be scarce. But…still? Wonder whether the only thing NOT sponsored was the plastic bag used for the goodie bags. =P

After the show, LF, YY, Sing and I hung out at Bugis Junction’s Fish&Co. and we ordered the Seafood Feast. The king prawns were VERY good. Unfortunately for them, I dug my spoon into the rice and came up with a strand of hair. Ew. Got them to give us a new platter so we ended up having eaten 1.5 platters. Full…onto City Hall!!

I met up a client at 7.15pm at Raffles City’s Starbucks to pass her the baby pink Samantha Vega (yes…I still have 3 left) as well as waiting for my bro to pass me my birthday cake. So sad right? I actually have to bring my own birthday cake to the place….

The MAIN celebration was held at Timbre@Substation and here’s a quick look at what we had…

Tandoori Chicken pizza! Mm…surprisingly good. We also ordered a Peking Duck pizza but I forgot to snap a shot.

Salmon Salad that moon ordered!! *Gasp* Those who know moon will know how anti-vegetable she is BUT she actually asked me, “Do you want to share a salad?” *jaw drop* I must buy 4D 1010. Amazing.

Stable pub grub: fries!! I love thick cut fries and these fries make the ‘cut’. Unfortunately, the sauce was a cross between mayo and salad cream…which was NOT nice. Give me plain ole cheese please!!!

Siew Mai’s balls…LOL…ok, her mini burgers. Horribly funny joke especially after someone said that Siew Mai emasculates men! Haha…hey…3 balls in the pic! She’s got more balls than most men!!

We opened 2 bottles of white wines but they were all so young. The Aussie one was a 2008 Riesling while the South African one was a 2009. The aussie white was flat. Imagine…a riesling tasting like cooking wine. Ugh. Flat. Yuck. The South African one was $5 cheaper but yet it had some saving grace. It had an interesting nutty aftertaste which didn’t go down well with YY and LF. Perhaps we should’ve stuck to the house white. -__-; They had a good selection 2 weeks ago when I was there with Sing and X. What happened man? PLEASE bring in a better selection of wines…pls add dessert wines like moscato!!

Towards the end of the night…I needed to give my sweet tooth the fix and hello Bellini *grin* Whoever thought of putting peach and champagne together is a genius! 🙂 That red slash is the G.H.Mumm logo. I do not like G.H.Mumm…so what if its the official champagne of the F1? Give me Veuve or Cristal anytime over G.H.Mumm.

Wee~my birthday cake!! Thanks mummy for ordering the cake and thanks Gor for picking up the cake! This cake is aptly named ‘Chocolate Therapy’. If you LOVE chocolate, I highly recommend this oozing chocful concoction of pure chocolate indulgence. I promise I won’t tell your cardiologist…and chocolate is full of antioxidents!! =D The cake is from Gobi Desserts

The band that was playing last night is called “Goodfellas” and they’re very good! Turns out that the lead singer stayed in the same hall as Sing and Siew Mai in uni. Even I found him familiar…wouldn’t be surprised if he were chummy with my ex. Singapore’s getting a wee bit too small… =P

I loved the moment where the band stopped singing for one stanza of Oasis’ “Don’t look back in anger” and then my table was the only one crazy and high enough to really sing that full stanza!! Shiok!! Hahaha…really enjoyed myself!!!

The celebration continues tomorrow with a full body massage after work…hehehe…and on Tue (the actual day), I’ll be having a nice quiet dinner with my family. 🙂

Shoutout to the lovelies who attended yesterday’s celebration! You guys rock!!!

Gotta love birthdays!!

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