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Hear ye, hear ye…this is my annual birthday wishlist!  Some of you might be saying, “Wah…so haolian…got birthday wishlist.”  I assure you, in no way is my birthday wishlist a way to demand presents.  It is just that buying presents is never easy, so I come up with a list every year so that people know what to get for me…rather than buying me stuff that I either won’t use or chuck aside.  Agree?  Anyway, here goes!

Mel’s Birthday wishlist 2009:

1.                   Voucher from Paris Miki/ Yes! Optical shop as I need a new pair of glasses

2.                   Shower foam from Body Shop/ Face Shop

3.                   HAND cream from Crabtree & Evelyn – Nantucket Briar

4.                   Feet reflexology/ massage vouchers

5.                   Spa vouchers

6.                   Manicure/ Pedicure vouchers

7.                   Ice-cream maker

8.                   All in one semi-pro mixer/whisk…those that aren’t handheld

9.                   3-4 bottles of Menicon O2 solution for my contact lenses – need so many cos I use them up pretty fast!

10.               A playmate for Baileys – another cocker spaniel would be good 😀

11.               A universal aircon remote control – I’m sick of ‘fighting’ with my bro over it

12.               Contribution to the “Mel’s new clothes closet” fund

13.               Nice dressy watches that I can wear to work

I must stress what NOT to give me:

1.                   Jewellery…unless from Tiffany’s/ Harry Winston…hahaha

2.                   Body Lotion – I’ve got enough of those to fill up my bathtub and soak in it

3.                   Photo frames – even if there’s a proper photo inside…exception is for my painting that’s approx 50cm x 70cm (will update the exact dimensions later)

4.                   Stuffed animals/ soft toys

5.                   Mugs

6.                   Keychains

7.                   Notebooks

8.                   Pens – even if they’re expensive

That’s all for now folks!




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