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Went to watch “April Bride” with Siew Mai yesterday evening. The movie’s title literally translates to “Bride who has 1 more month to live” and it is about Nagashima Chie who was diagnosed with breast cancer in her twenties. However, she fell in love with a salaryman whom she met after her diagnosis. She keeps her condition from him until she has to undergo a surgery to remove her breast. Nonetheless, her cancer returns and spreads to her bones. With only a month left to live, the movie depicts how her boyfriend sticks by her while she struggles with her illness. In the end, he marries her in April, just a short bit before she dies.

The pace of the movie was a little slow and of course, there were several tear jerking moments. However, I liked the fact that the director didn’t try to glorify Nagashima’s illness nor over portrayed the devotedness of the boyfriend. Good chick flick where the guys will get bored while their female friends get weepy. Definitely one for the DVD rental.


The movie experience was spoilt for me by this irritating couple who was sitting next to me. Firstly, the guy had to open his legs so wide that it pressed my bottle of tea against my thigh. He was obviously dragged to watch this movie by his girlfriend so he was completely bored from the beginning. To make things worse, he kept sending text messages and when he was waiting for a reply, he turned his phone towards me…which obviously irritated me. Imagine, you’re trying to watch a movie and you get random glares of light on your side. Ughs. Then his girlfriend tried to grab his phone away from him and then they had a few friendly tussles. Hello. YOU are not the only people in the cinema or row. Have some consideration for those around you for goodness sakes!!

The highlight of the evening was when we suddenly heard Shania Twain belting out “You’re Still the One” and it was actually somebody’s mobile phone ringing. Oddly enough, that song kinda fit the scene where Nagashima was lying in her hospital bed and her boyfriend was comforting her. Ultimate spoiler was when mobile phone owner said (not whispered) “I’m watching a movie. Ya…ya…ya…I’m now in the cinema.” WTH. -__- Seriously…ughs.

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