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I went to Oosh’s re-launch party on Thu together with Siew Mai and Mel Li where there was supposed to be free flow of drinks from 7.30-10pm. Sounded like a great idea, right?

Siew Mai and I were there early and thank goodness for that, because we actually managed to get food. Now comes the part where this event taught me what NOT to do during an event:

1. The invite reads “An Exclusive Invitation”. How can that be when they were NOT checking people’s invites and was just letting any Tom, Dick and Harry enter?

2. There was poor crowd control

3. Understaffed

4. There wasn’t any drinks list on the tables to inform guests what was on the free-flow list

5. Wait staff was “blur” like sotong…couldn’t even tell me what’s on the free-flow list and gave us bottled water when we asked for Oosh Cocktail (does this even exist?)

6. Faster to get drinks from the bar but the bars were so crowded that our tables were being knocked, drinks spilt but nobody to help clean it up thanks to pt. 2-3

7. Poor communication as to what the event was about. It is supposed to be the relaunch of their alfresco pre-club but they didn’t make that clear…felt like any day out at Oosh with more people

8. Female toilet was starting to smell by 8pm and the bin was overflowing with tissue paper

What was really bad was that there was different information going on between staff. Mel Li asked me whether there was wine on the free-flow list. I wouldn’t know since there wasn’t a list to see AND the waiters were not giving us good information. I overheard someone ask that same question to the bartender and his reply was, “You’ve got to go over to the wine cellar at that side.” I pointed Mel to the direction of the wine cellar and she came back saying that a staff there told her that it’s a VIP area so she’ll have to order her wine from the garden terrace bar. She walked over to the garden terrace bar but was unable to squeeze in an order. She gave up on the drinks and decided to order some food. Catching hold of a waiter was so tough that she tried to get hold of one and he never walked to our table. He must’ve forgotten OR he lost the direction that Mel was walking towards. By 8.15pm, we had it with the place and walked out for a proper meal at House! 🙂

Pardon the really dark photos. Low lighting’s pretty bad for phone cameras and the flash from my phone caused all the photos to be overexposed. So we just have to make-do with these dark photos…

Love the menu!! It is in a newspaper format and the ‘ads’ in the menu were just sooo cute as they were essentially about the food.

Truffle fries! Before you start thinking that it is fried truffles, it is NOT. It is just your usual french fries drizzled with truffle oil. Not bad but I like my french fries thick. I think they put MSG inside.
Seafood Threesome – Sotong, prawns and mussels. The sauce was like a sweet dark soy sauce and oddly enough, this dish reminded Siew Mai and Mel Li of Newton Circus. -__-;

Curry Chicken crispy pizza. The pizza’s really thin and snaps like a papadum. Top that with curry chicken and I really felt like I was eating papadums with sweet curry chicken. Not bad…but not on my “WOW, I’ve got to eat that again!” list.

We ordered a bottle of ’07 Aussie Muscato as well and I love it! Crisp, sweet with a slight tangy aftertaste and the aroma of fresh citrus fruits. Too bad budget only calls for 1 bottle. I think I could’ve drunk a bottle by myself. 😛

Thank goodness we saved ourselves by walking out of Oosh earlier in the evening. We might’ve spent more money but we managed to eat/ drink good stuff with great conversation, which is the objective of chilling out together, isn’t it?

I’m really looking forward to my birthday party/gathering! Hopefully it’ll be a repeat of good conversation, music and food!

Cheers to that!!

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