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Long post alert!

Wee~~ Sunday was such a wonderfully relaxing day. (^^)v Chilled out with Siew Mai at Sentosa in the afternoon till night. I had completely forgotten that the Barclay’s Open was on but thank goodness I wasn’t driving into Sentosa so I just had to put up with the usual weekend crowd.

First up…we went to the Fish Reflexology!! I really like the fish reflex in Sentosa compared to Kenko. Look at the pic below!!

Talk about swarming to my feet!! Look at how clean the fish tank is!! Compare THAT to Kenko and you’ll understand one of the reasons why I prefer this place. 😉 Siew Mai’s reaction was damn funny!! I have a video but she’ll kill me if I were to put it up on my blog for all to see…so I’ve placed it on facebook for our friends to laugh about. Hahaha… =D The pic below is a snapshot of her reaction yesterday…

Siew Mai described the feeling of those doctor fish nibbling to be like tiny electric shocks. To me…it felt like being constantly tickled and nipped at. 😛

After having our feet nibbled at, massaged and our shoulders massaged, we moved onto the Underwater World!

At the Underwater World…we first went to the Touch Pool!!

Fugu!! Puffer Fish!! I actually touched a puffer fish!! The body of the fish is so soft and squishy…I want to squish it again!! Hur hur hur…yes, a very harassed puffer fish.

At the stingray feeding pool…I can’t believe how tame these rays are!! Super greedy too…they literally kinda jumped up to grab the food. There was this irritating boy who was taunting the poor stingrays by sticking his hand out but moving it away whenever the stingrays came near to it. -__-; That boy ought to be smacked.

はい。。。記念写真!!I’m getting good at this self taken shots! Hiak hiak hiak… 😉

Garden Eel…they look like tiny snakes sticking out of the sand…looks a little icky when there are sooo many of them.

Pencil fish…another weird looking creature. Is it really a fish?????

Above is an angel fish. Mind you, this little fella is only about 0.1cm long and this was the largest of them all. Quite an interesting creature considering that it has no eyes and probably relies on its other senses to catch its prey. What prey? No idea…plankton??

We saw a lot of other marine life but I’m just going to show the more interesting ones! 🙂

Leafy seadragons…how cute!

Wah…Japanese spider crab! I want to eat one! HAHAHAHA….oops…

Sharky sharks…I love looking at sharks…can’t wait to dive near sharks…sharky sharks!! Don’t eat shark’s fin!! Yes…I’m one of those who won’t serve shark’s fin soup at my wedding…if I do I get married. No…WHEN I get married! 😉

I’ve got no idea what this is called but I’m calling it a sea cockroach because it looks like one. It’s damn huge. It’s the same size as an average lobster minus the claws and feelers. Yuck. Giant sea cockroach. Yuck.

Gracie – the Dugong. She was stranded off Pulau Ubin when her mother was caught and died in a fishing net. The Dugong is probably what sailors mistook as mermaids. Especially when the female dugongs tend to cradle their young like women.

A black clown fish! This is the first time I’ve seen a black one. I’ve seen a few orange ones in Bali when I went diving…but black? Interesting…

My frozen lychee daiquiri and Siew Mai’s Hoegaarden. Mmm…what a nice thing to start our dinner and to cool ourselves down after a warm afternoon.

Dinner was pizza with Jalapeño peppers and sausage. Ooh…the heat from the peppers was shiok!

After dinner, we went to Vivo and caught “The Blue Mansion”. I’ll blog about it in my next post as I think it deserves a proper review/ post! All in all, Mel is a happy girl. 🙂 すごく満足でした!Nice way to end the weekend and hopefully, chase the coming Monday blues… 😀

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