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Was hunting around for black sesame ice cream in Jurong Point the other day and hopped into Yamakawa Supermarket. Look what funky Kit Kat flavours I’ve bought!! Apple vinegar, vegetable and fruit juice (tie in with the brand Ito En) and Plum Soda (aka Ume soda).

Taste test – First up was the Ume Soda. I’m a huge fan of ume wine, ume boshi and ume soda. I thought that this would up the ante on all the ume-flavoured foods that I’ve tried before. Well, they’ve managed to get a slight tingly sensation on the tongue, which is characteristic of soda. However, the ume flavour wasn’t as wow as I was expecting. Not a bad try though.

Next is the apple vinegar. The refreshing smell of apples hits you when you tear the packet open. MMmm….that’s already a winner for me. I was expecting it to be sour (vinegar…duh) however, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t sour but the slight tartness is like eating lemon cupcakes. It was much nicer on the palette compared to the ume soda. 1 thumb up!!

Lastly, the fruit and vegetable juice. Now, those who know me will know that I semi-survived on Ito En’s fruit and veggie juice when I stayed in Japan because fruit and veg is extremely expensive there. However, we all need our bowels to move…so this was a ‘cheap’ alternative. So…I was just extremely curious as to how this concoction was going to work with chocolate. Once more, the refreshing smell of apples and a lingering scent of citrus hits you when you open the packet. The taste of it is just fruity! In a good way, of course.

All in all, I think these funky flavours are yummy and worth a try! I wonder whether I ought to try the isotonic drink flavour next….hmmms….oh, they only 100 calories per packet….so, *grin* you can eat one a day almost guilt-free! 😀 I like!!

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