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As it has been said, there are only 2 things sure in life – death and taxes.

Those who have been following my tweets would’ve known by now that a friend’s father is terminally ill (liver cancer, diabetes and Hepatitis B) and I’ve been asking people to keep him in their prayers.

The latest prognosis is 3-6 months.

I visited him last Wed and he doesn’t look good. His face was sunken in, which is rather drastic considering that I had visited him in the hospital barely a month ago and his face was still rather round that time. Moon was talking to me about a dream that she had of her father and her mum started tearing. Hard to feel jovial during this difficult period.

I know that Moon’s very stressed right now with her father’s condition and to add to her woes, her ex broke up with her via sms the other day. What a twat.

All that’s left now is palliative care for uncle and for Moon’s family to get everything in order.

I made my director teary-eyed a couple of times because her father had passed away from liver cancer a couple of months ago and I was asking her for the contacts for the palliative care etc. Just talking about a loved one is tough. Started making me remember about my grandma’s passing as well.

All I wish for uncle now is that he lives the rest of his life in relative pain-free conditions.

Huge hugs for Moon and family. I’ll continue to keep uncle in my prayers.

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