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I want to clone myself.

If you’ve watched the manga/ anime “Naruto”, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that I want to ‘kagebunshin’ myself.

Multiple Mels. Hur hur…may not be a better world but it’ll definitely be better for me! Hiak hiak…

I’ve been so busy with work from day till night that I wish that I can clone myself. 1 to do my full time work, 1 to do my Oct 1983 products, 1 to watch all my anime/ dramas, 1 to do my translation work and another to another one to just upkeep the websites/ newsletter.

I must not complain. Being busy and having work is better than not having anything to do, bumming around.

However, the past couple of weeks have made me think that I really don’t mind being a housewife. *gasp* A housewife? Some of you might be screaming, “You got a degree to only have the ambition to be a housewife?” or “Babe, women have fought soooo hard to have equal rights as men and you’re shackling yourself to the traditional female role?”

Haha…well…ok, more like a tai-tai. I like cooking, making the house look pretty but I hate cleaning up. 😛 Ladida….

Anyhows…on a more sombre note, today marks my granny’s 1 yr anniversary. Time flies. It has already been a year. Always missed, always remembered.

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