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After reading a lot of blogs/ stories about successful people, I realise that the common thread among all these people is passion.  They’re passionate about what they do to the point where they’re workaholics.  The term work-life balance doesn’t apply to them because their work is their life.  They are so passionate about their work that they give up ‘pleasures’ that we like – lazing around on a Sunday morning, regular cinema going etc.  Not that they don’t have fun, they do.  Just that they are just as passionate about their hobbies as well and they schedule it into their lives.  Most of them have turned their hobbies into work…so…work is fun for them!

I want that sort of passion as well.  I think I’m getting more focused on what I want in life. I do know that I enjoy being around people and making them feel good about themselves.  The idea about having a café is still in my head but I need more time to flesh it out.  Not to mention, I need more capital and I need to find partners who are on the same wavelength as me.

I’m inspired to live life passionately.  I want to be able to say that I’ve got few regrets in life once I’ve hit 40. =)  Dreams will forever remain as dreams if we don’t work hard for it.

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