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Konyachiwa!!! Bwahaha…that was a super act cute way of saying Konichiwa with the cutesy cat-twist. Above is my Omu Rice with a cat done by my ‘maid’ in Cafe A87! Cafe A87 or otherwise known as Cafe Akibanana is the latest offshoot of my friend and I daresay, feels like a proper maid cafe.

It was meant to be a JS gathering but only 2 of my senpais turned up. I was not the organiser…so please don’t point any fingers at me. Anyhows, the cafe is located at 108 Tanjong Pagar Road (near Tanjong Pagar MRT and Maxwell Market), so it is pretty central for all you otakus!!

My dear XR had a rabbit drawn on her omu rice. 🙂 As this was the soft launch of the cafe, it was the maids’ 1st actual encounter with customers so they were very nervous and the heart at the side turned into a blotch of ketchup.

We ordered this and the ugly baby fish, which is simply fried fresh ikan bilis. Crispy, salty and great snack to go with beer. They’ve got loads more on their actual menu but too bad I didn’t get to sample anything else because it was a soft launch and my dear friend didn’t get anything else ready (in terms of food).

You can check out the photos of the cafe and the maids at their official website: www.akibanana.com. Sugoku kawaikunai? Their grand opening will be on 12 Dec and they’ll be having a special Christmas event from 21 Dec onwards where you get a present after spending a certain amount. More details on their website and of course, in the cafe!

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