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Went to Blue Ginger with my boss last Thursday for food tasting and it was simple but yum! Check out the pics below….

Calamansi Juice…refreshing!
Surprisingly yummy achar (pickled vegetables with peanuts)
I forgot the name of this dish. I only remember Ayam something. It’s bits of fried chicken with bean sprouts, cucumber and beancurd tossed with sambal. This was a little disappointing as the taste of the sambal was overpowering.
Sambal Terong. My fave!! 🙂
Ayam Pangang! I’ve always loved this dish. It is barbequed chicken with a tumeric, garlic, chilli sauce.

Ngo Hiang!! This is synonymous with Peranakan food!! This fried minced meat in beancurd skin was juicy, succulent and fluffy. The best Ngo Hiang I’ve eaten in a long time…and this is telling because I’m not fond of Ngo Hiang.

There was Babi Ponteh (the pork pieces were too tough) as well as Sago Gula Melaka for dessert. I loved the Sago Gula Melaka although it is very fattening (coconut milk…) but it was the perfect ending to a yummy meal.

The table next to us had durian chendol for dessert and it smelt heavenly (ok, you non-SEAsians can start gagging)! Hmm…durian….can’t wait for our guests to tuck into the same food on Fri!

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