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This is how Narita International Airport looks like from the plane. I was so bored due to the delay in take-off that I started snapping shots.

A funny thing happened. One of the overhead compartments couldn’t be closed so the cabin attendants started taping it up while the plane was making its way to the runway. I felt like telling the ladies, “Use more tape!! Tape it up from one side to the next ALL the way. Ditto for the breadth!!” Well…we could only watch in amusement.

There were sooo many planes queuing up JUST to take off (ourselves included). Look at the number of planes behind us! And that doesn’t include the 4-5 planes in front of us that had already taken off.

Soon…we had lift off and look what happened to the broken overhead compartment…..

Check out the aerial view of Tokyo! 🙂

The beautiful sunrise while approaching Chicago O’Hare airport. Love the colours!

We finally arrived in Chicago and then went off to Wisconsin to my aunt’s place where it was freeezing….I believe it was 0 deg C when we arrived. Below is the snow just next to her house…

It’s so cold that footprints made by my cousin the previous week could still be seen.

We didn’t really do much as we were so tired and jetlagged….but we’ll go and see my cousin’s tree tomorrow!

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