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Remember the posting earlier about the black feather brooch that I was going to get? Well…I did put in an order etc but then the owner of that online store suddenly told me that her staff had misquoted me the postage price and was withholding the product until I paid her SGD8 MORE in postage!!

WTH. I made the deal only after I was quoted a certain price and I can’t believe that they waited 2 days before telling me “oops…made a mistake”. I don’t do that to my clients. If I made a mistake with the price of postage, then that’s my issue and this mistake will just have to eat into my profits. That’s customer service, right? Now, I don’t even want to see the other products from this store. What irks me as well is that they didn’t ship it out within 24 hours, which is proper procedure unless you don’t have the stuff in stock.

I was thinking of bulk purchasing stuff from them if the quality is as good as in the photos and to offer it to my clients as well. Since they were soooo willing to just give me a refund, forgeeet it. They’ll forever quote me ridiculous postage fees just cos its via EMS and they’re based in China. -_- Such bull.

🙁 So disappointing. What’s the store’s name? Well, I can’t remember the exact link right now but it was one of those random stores in

Anyway, things aren’t all that disappointing as I’ve found a wonderful supplier for TUK shoes!! These shoes are so funky and reminds me of Doc Martens and Irregular choice. I’m currently compiling the photos and waiting for a price quote before updating Oct 1983’s website and sending out my newsletter. Do drop me an email with the header “Mailing List” to if you’d like to be on my mailing list!

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