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In the morning…we decided to just view famous spots in a more cultural mood. First off, we went to see Carnegie Hall. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!!

Too bad, I’ve got almost no musical talent and I’m not particularly fond of classical music.

Then…off to see Juliard….think I can perform my way in? Hur hur…just kidding.

After Juliard, we returned to the hotel to check-out and place our luggage in the luggage room. I can’t believe that we were made to pay USD3 per piece of luggage in order to place it in the room for the whole day. Sheesh…talk about leeches. After that, my bro met his ex-boss for lunch while mum and I headed off to the Metropolian Museum of Art after a quick lunch at Macy’s.

A group of singers was performing right outside the Met and they were good…besides busking, they were also selling their album…good way to self promote. Too bad you wouldn’t see this happening outside the Esplanade…the Esplanade security will chase you away.

There were a lot of art inside the Met and I felt that there wasn’t a need to snap any shots but this is an actual artefact from Egypt….

It’s amazing how they recreated a small lake to resemble how this temple must’ve looked like more than 2000 years ago. This reminds me that there’s an Egyptian display in the Singapore National Museum…I MUST go there one day before it ends in April!

Soon after lunch, we headed off to Newark as we had booked ourselves on a 6-day tour from New York to Niagara Falls and this tour refused to pick us up from Manhatten despite the tour going into Manhatten *rolls eyes*. So nonsense right? Ah well…more about that tour in my next post!!

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