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Still enroute to Niagara Falls and we stop by Hershey’s!! The chocolate tour is a short ride with singing cows and the usual explanation on how chocolate is manufactured. At the risk of sounding atas (snobbish for those non-Singaporeans), I couldn’t help but miss my Godiva, Lindtt and Sins. That didn’t stop us from buying 3 kgs worth of chocs for colleagues, friends and CNY. Btw, I must say that Reese’s chocs are very yummy…and I don’t even like peanut butter.

After that sweet stopover, we headed over to Corning Glassware…yep, they manufacture those famouse Corningware crockery. Didn’t buy a thing. Their loose glass beads were uber boring.

The usual glass blowing show etc. This photo doesn’t do him justice but the young man on the left is not bad looking! I believe his name is Gabe. That is IF I remember it correctly. LOL.

That, my friends, is the oldest piece of glass known to be made by man. Glass was discovered by the Egyptians and it wasn’t clear. Did you know that glass can oxidise too? That’s why this piece of glass is creamy-brown when it was originally greenish blue.

Think this is a painting? You are wrong, my dears. This is made up of tiny tiny glass pieces placed together by a Mr Mosiac. Each ’tile’ is about 1mm wide.
I love this chess set….I sooo want to get my hands on one. It’s the Catholics vs. the Jews!! Hilarious!!

Shaky, blurred photo thanks to my bro…. -___-

Soon, we got back on the road and finally arrived at Niagara Falls!!!!!!

That’s the largest waterfall in Niagara and it’s called the Horseshoe Falls aka Canadian Falls as most of it is within Canada. Those lights and buildings you see in the background is Canada.

Those spots are snow. 🙂

It was freaking freezing la….I was struggling to take good photos with frozen fingers…thank goodness we brought heatpacks!

I’m not sure whether you’re able to see the photo clearly but below are the rapids from the falls as they go downstream.

After freezing our butts off for about 20 mins, we headed off to Buffalo City which is where our hotel is. Drew back the curtain and this is what we saw….

Eeeeee…..tacky DOUBLE statue of liberty-wannabes on a building! Seriously, what were these people thinking?

Thank goodness the street looks rather normal…but freezing, as you can see…
We’ll be seeing the Niagara Falls in its daytime glory tomorrow…so cheerios and it’s off to bed!

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