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Today was SHOPPING DAY!!!! We went to the factory outlet near New York City – Woodbury. I must admit that I went a little nuts and I bought the following:

1 Bottega Veneta small bag
1 Pink Coach bag
3 Coach Wristlets (1 for Moon, 2…should I keep them as presents for friends or sell them?)
1 Coach lanyard
1 BCBG white lace dress
1 pair of Calvin Klein Jeans
1 CK top
1 CK underwear 😛
3 CK bangles

All in the span of 4 hours…and I was lusting after a Juicy Couture bag but I didn’t have time to go back to the store to get it.

I tell you…the factory outlet isn’t a shopping place…it’s a shopping VILLAGE. I should’ve taken a photo of my loot…but it was pack and dump into bag because there wouldn’t be time to pack the next day. That’s the bad thing about having a packed schedule.

Btw, Woodbury is actually in New Jersey so it takes about 2.5 hours to get there from New York City and the bus ticket costs USD 40. I would suggest asking about the bus ticket at your hotel because you might never know, there might be a bus company that picks you up from a stop near your hotel!

When we returned to New York City, we ate a quick dinner at TGIFridays (we had crappy service that day) and then proceeded to a quick walk in Manhatten. Below is the Chrysler Building with the famous Art Deco spire.

Then we walked some more to Rockefeller Center with the often filmed ice-skating rink.

Guess what we chanced upon? There was a film or a drama being filmed right there!! Unlike filming in Singapore, they have a team of people blocking the way and redirecting human traffic to ensure that there wouldn’t be any onlookers being filmed. That’s probably why you don’t see any gawkers in American movies or dramas.

This is where NBC’s studios are too!

After k-poh-ing for a bit, we walked over to St. Patrick’s Cathedral which is huuuge. Kinda reminds me of St. Paul’s in London. This is the altar inside St. Patrick’s. I couldn’t get a shot of the whole façade because it wasn’t brightly lit. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think its the oldest Catholic cathedral in New York.

For those who are interested to know, this cathedral contains the relics of St. Therese and another saint…but I can’t remember who else. Well…this is where handy wikipedia comes in. 😛

As we were completely knackered by then, it was off to our hotel in a cab. Need to get a good night’s rest as we’re checking out tomorrow!

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