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The town where my aunt and her family now lives in is very small in terms of population size but the amount of space is really sprawling! The wonderful thing about winter is all the winter sports…like sledding! 🙂 That’s just what we did this morning!! (pics are in another camera and am having problems uploading…bah…)

Sledding was waaay fun! Let me try to upload the video etc and then post it up. The adrenalin rush from sledding is as good as riding a snow mobile but hundred times safer. Way cool. Definitely something you should try if you have the chance.

After sledding, we went to my aunt and uncle’s friend’s house where my cousin planted a white pine on their land. Tada…look at his baby tree where about a third of it is buried under the snow. Pretty cool to have your own tree huh. 😉

Look at my perfect snow angel (excuse my footprints and hand prints)!!!!

My aunt’s friends had adopted this American Cocker Spaniel from the pound and this cute little fella is super afraid of humans and dogs. No photos of the cutie because he runs and hides in his cage/carrier whenever someone approaches him. I’ve never seen a doggy so frightened of humans before…makes me (and my aunt’s friends) wonder what was done to him during those 2 years before he was adopted. As much as I think he’s adorable…he made me miss my Baileys!!!

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