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First off, apologies for the long ‘silence’ except for the post-dated posts below on my US trip. I’ve been so busy with CNY and regular work that I was exhausted for the whole of last week and finally gave in to see a doctor yesterday who pronounced me infected with a virus. Enough with my illness (my shoulders are still aching and my nose is still semi blocked) and onto a quick review of what has gone on during the past week!

CNY Day 1
Look at this home made lo hei with LOADS of salmon yu sheng. How much? So much that there was still left over fish in the dish despite everyone having seconds and thirds (maybe even fourth helpings).

Webcam-ing with aunt and making her jealous of our lo hei. Haha…so ‘evil’ of us.

CNY Day 2
Check out Ailian’s CNY nails. Who needs firecrackers when they’re on her nails?! Scary… =P

Ooh…a Fendi croco bench at the famous one’s apartment. It even has a matching Fendi croco gold cushion! Apparently, Wenqing had told her sis that she wants to take that cushion and turn it into a tote. I totally agree with her. It’s large enough and even has that Fendi metal logo at the corner.

Random shot

My cuz with her uber cute toy camera where we have no idea what photo will come out. Sounds crazy but it’s true…and I have yet to see those photos look like yet. I bet they look awful. I looked awful for most of the day anyhows… 😛

After visiting at the famous one’s place, I headed off to Sing’s place for potluck steamboat!!

My contribution of cabbage, tofu, salmon and swordfish. 🙂

What’s CNY without mahjong? Sing, KW and I went off for a girly session complete with booze until midnight. We then crawled out into the ‘gambling den’ (a.k.a. the living room) where I stayed glued to the goggle box.

CNY Day 4

Met up with Ming who came back to Singapore for the CNY holidays. He’s currently doing his masters in Hokkaido University and look at the omiyage (souvenir) that he bought for me!!

Kawaii kunai?? It’s a fluffy bun with custard cream inside and is meant to resemble the polar bear. There’s a little slip of paper inside the package that tells its readers about the environmental issues and that global warming is melting the ice caps etc. With all that environmental preaching on the paper, I wonder why each individually plastic wrapped bun was individually boxed up and then TWO boxes were further packaged in a nice larger plastic bag. Nonetheless, it’s soooooo cute. I can hardly bear to eat them!

CNY Day 6

Met up with Sing, Chowchow and some other friends for a karaoke session!! Rock on!!! Woooohooooo!!!

It’s still technically CNY, so here’s me wishing you and your families a Happy Lunar New Year! 祝大家身体健康,万事如意,步步高升,年年有余,心想事成!發啊!!!

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