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If you’ve been following my tweets, you’ll know that I joined a bowling competition with my colleagues. This is of course, within our institution and completely amateurish. Sorta. We were the amateurs.

Pre-game…looking relaxed and relatively composed. We are doing this all in the name of fun anyways.

Sizing up our competition…one of our rival teams thought that wrapping their heads with towels will earn them the title of ‘best dressed team’.
These are the ears that I brought for our team. As I only had 2, KY was supposed to make 2 pairs of bunny ears but she was too busy to do so. We only took these at the end of the competition…for the heck of it.

Hah…I suck so bad at bowling that I’m ranked 7th…from the bottom! 😛 Not bad for someone who hasn’t bowled for 15 years. The last time I bowled was after PSLE!! No brainers for guessing that our team came in last….LOL. We won chocolates and $10 shopping voucher each!! Hey…that’s what we were aiming for!! People only remember the top and the bottom! Those in between? They get nada. Not even chocolates!!! KY joked that she was aiming for the lokang queen title but she was beaten by another colleague.

Haha…it was a fun afternoon and you can tell that there are a lot of serious bowlers out there. 3 of my colleagues brought their own balls and shoes and one of them even has the wrist support thingy. He barely lost the top bowler position.

Hee…when I came home, I bullied my dog into being a dog-cat!!!! Muahahaha….so cute!!!! Maybe, I should’ve put the Winnie the Pooh ears on him instead….ladidadida….so adorable. Love my ‘son’ to bits!!!

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