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Latewrite commented in my page about my nails…something about being able to judge a woman by her hands.  My reply was, “So what do mine say about me?”  Latewrite then wrote “one must also see her feet”. Hah.  Well, I’ll be going for a pedicure tomorrow so let’s see!!

Ok, I’m not rich. But I think every woman deserves to pamper herself.  Especially if you wear heels everyday!  So…that’s my indulgence. 😛 Hehe…do you think they’ll allow me to bring in my sparkly nail polish? Hmms….ladidadida….

Side note: I’m totally addicted to my iPhone.  Those who have been following me on twitter ( will know that I tweeted from my iPhone one evening when my comp was on.  That was a WTH moment for me.  Totally addicted.  I even bring my iPhone to the loo to play games while doing my business.  Haha…some of you must be going “ewww….so disgusting!!” but hey, I’m sure you’ve brought in books/ magazines/ newspapers in the loo with you.  So what’s wrong with bringing in my phone 😛  Does anyone have any cool apps to recommend?  Do tell!!

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