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I’m hobbling around and walking like a duck or a pregnant woman because my back hurts like hell.  How did I hurt my back? Promise not to laugh…
I hurt my back when I sneezed on Tue morning. Yes. A sneeze.
I finally went to see a doc last night and he said that it is not unusual for someone like me, who has injured her back before, to hurt one’s back during a violent sneeze. When a person sneezes, the abdominal muscles usually push against the spine.  As I had injured my back before, my back muscles aren’t that strong anymore and so, that harsh sneeze pushed my spine backwards and it is now close to touching the spinal cord (the nerves).  That explains the pain that I feel whenever I move in certain direction/ manner.
Spinal instability.  That’s what the doc called it.  Just a step away from a slipped disc. Eeks.  And here I was thinking that I just pulled a muscle.
Well, I’ve been prescribed powerful painkillers and muscle relaxant that don’t seem to quite work for me.
Doc insists that I need to rest.  How to do so when I’ve got an event on Mon and I’ve got to handle all the nitty gritty details?
To add to my physical pain, I’m having mental exhaustion, memory lapses and I was lectured by my lb.  I’m not going to air my woes about work here.  Don’t want anybody reading about it.  I’m just exhausted.  Now…where’s that painkiller….

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