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Went to watch “Remember Me” last night with Emma and I quite enjoyed it despite the spate of lousy reviews. I’m sure by now, you’ll know it as the Robert Pattinson movie.

Well, the movie is really a romantic drama where Tyler (Pattinson) is a rebellious young man in NYC who has a strained relationship with his father ever since his elder brother committed suicide. Tyler didn’t think he would find anyone who understood him until he met Ally (de Ravin) through an unusual twist of fate. They soon fall in love and through their love, he begins to find meaning and happiness in life. But soon, hidden secrets are revealed and threaten to tear them apart.

The storyline is quite lovely and sad. I hate sad endings especially when things seemed to look as if they were going all well and then another tragedy strikes. Watching this gives you the gooey feeling of love and how it takes effort to build and keep relationships – even within a family. That being said, the pace of the movie was a wee bit slow and I couldn’t help but think Robert Pattinson looked so much better in “Harry Potter” as Cedric. Oh…he was channelling a little Edward Cullen in several scenes where he gave that ‘I’m interested, but probably shouldn’t be doing this’ look. Thank goodness it’s Emilie de Ravin who is starring opposite him rather than dead-pan Kristen Stewart, which made Pattinson’s portrayal a lot more believable.

Should you watch this? Well, let’s grade it this way:

Yes if:
1. you have spare $10 and don’t know what to spend it on
2. you are female and love romantic movies
3. you’re a Pattinson fan (duh)
4. you want to torture your partner

No if:
1. you only have $5 – go rent the DVD instead
2. you have no patience
3. you are a cynic
4. you hate sad endings

I’ll leave you to watch the official trailer…enjoy!

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