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Lookey!! Haha…this is not the first time that I’ve done nail art but it’s the first time I’ve asked those pro manicurist to do tiny crystals for me! Nice nice?? Ok…it’s no gel art but…its simple and not too fancy for work. Those are my natural nails except for the thumbs as both nails on my thumbs cracked like mad thanks to the dry weather in the US.

In some ways, I’ve got to thank the US because I was talking to the famous one about my cracked nails and then she gave me a bottle of vitamins treatment for nails and vouchers for the usual place where she gets her nails done. So yes, the above nails was done at her usual place. Thank you Wenfang for the free manicure treatment!!

She was telling me about how she just pops by and she even has the store’s number on her mobile. Chris was joking that she was advertising for that store. Unfortunately, she isn’t…so I can’t mention the store’s name either.

Would I go back there again? Probably not because although the actual workmanship is quite good, the customer service isn’t that professional. The 3 manicurists were talking amongst themselves and were bitching about how they haven’t met their sales target and won’t be able to hit it because all their clients were ‘requests’ (ie. were already holding packages). Um…hello…I’m a customer AND I can understand Mandarin AND I had said right from the start that I wasn’t going to sign a package. Made me really wonder whether the workmanship given to me would be the same if I were to sign up a package. If you want to discuss such stuff, leave it to lunch time or after working hours. It’s really NOT professional to say this in front of customers! Well, if they said it on purpose to guilt me into signing a package, they succeeded in the guilt front but not in the signing package front. =P Sorry babes, no money to sign a package!

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