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Sing is currently in Taiwan for biz and she went to see a fortune teller one day. She started telling me via msn how accurate the fella is and that got my curiosity aroused. So, I gave her my time of birth and she went to see the fortune teller again on my behalf. All she needed to give him was my time and DOB (this, of course, she knows…otherwise, she’s not my bestie :P).

Anyways…here are the scarily insightful things that he said:
1. I will marry after I’m 30 (2nd fortune teller to tell me that)
2. I’m good at getting money but I need to manage my finances because I tend to spend (how true)
3. I’m attracted to extroverted men when in actual fact, introverted men would be better for me because of the finances part (uh huh…I admit that I’m attracted to extroverts)
4. My internal health is not good, especially my liver as I tire easily (hear ye, hear ye!! I get tired very easily and its not physical exhaustion…not to mention my back problems and my hormonal issues)
5. I must ‘run away’ when I’m not happy and mustn’t stay in a place that I’m not happy in…otherwise, I’ll become even unhappier (how true)

Now…onto what I call the ‘hmmmm’ points:
1. My hubby will be handsome (yay! But then…beauty/ handsomeness is in the eye of the beholder)
2. I’ll have a son who’s artistic and creative (well, my mum would be glad to hear this)
3. I will be a good entrepreneur but I cannot go into F&B, retail or beauty (should I end Oct1983??!). I will rake it in when I set up a biz in something that I’m good at (Sing thought immediately of event management…anybody interested to let me handle your party? Haha.)
4. I will quibble with friends over money if they and I go into biz together (that goes for most people, doesn’t it?)
5. My career will be unstable from the age of 22-32 (yes…my CV proves it) but it will go successfully in my 30s
6. I will learn a lot in the next 2 years which will help along in my career/ business

All of this simply tells me that although certain things in life may or may not be pre-destined, God has a plan and will take care of me. I just need to be patient. Ok…I’m trying to be patient but I don’t mind if I meet my future hubby tomorrow and have a long dating relationship until the d-day wedding day *big grin*. Ok…patience. Not one of my virtues but I shall continue placing my trust in the big guy up there and yes…I shall watch my finances…it’s not as if I haven’t saved any $$….*pout*

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