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What do you do when you finish eating dinner and you’re not quite filled? Dessert of course!
My family and I went to the new Honeymoon Dessert at Vivo City and here’s what I ordered:

Durian with black Thai glutinous rice in vanilla sauce (SGD 6.50). The durian was very good and I was pleasantly surprised that the glutinous rice had bits of corn inside as well. At first bite, the vanilla sauce reminded me of coconut milk except the fatty after taste that accompanies it. You can’t quite taste the vanilla until you’ve finished the durian and the glutinous rice but I’m not complaining. I think its excellent!

Mum, being mum, had to order the most expensive dessert among the 3 of us. Hers was the durian with matcha ice cream in vanilla sauce (SGD 8). I didn’t think green tea would go with durian but I was surprised and mum ate up everything with two thumbs up.

Dad ordered simple sesame paste (SGD 2.50) and he said that it wasn’t as sweet as those you’d get from other places so its a plus point for those who are watching their sugar intake.

I think the prices are quite reasonable and I like the fact that the prices stated in the menu includes GST and they do not charge service charge. That said, the service isn’t that great so wave a lot to catch a wait staff’s attention and remind them to give you serviettes. Other things to note is that they only accept DBS/POSB for bills $10 above and only Visa/Mastercard for purchases above $20.

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