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Gor and I went to ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs) on Saturday as part of a volunteer charity service. We went there to paint their fences and so some landscaping work. Painting really takes up a lot more time than I had expected.

That’s me squatting down and painting the bottom bits….

(Above) Gor and I looking very hot and bothered while painting. We were painting with gloves and rags. Much faster than brushes but someone mentioned that rollers would’ve been better 😛

Check out the splats of silver paint on my thigh!! I’ve got them on my arms and feet too…very Lady Gaga-esque LOL.
Why did we have to paint their fences? Well, we had to paint the metal fences that rusted due to rain and the dogs’ pee.

Like SPCA, ASD is an animal shelter for abandoned and abused dogs. They try to find homes for these dogs as well as to create awareness in Singapore about doggy issues. You can learn more about them or volunteer your services at their website They really need financial support too as it costs them A LOT of money to take care of the dogs that they’re currently housing. Apparently, they have over a hundred dogs waiting to be adopted and you can see the photos on their website too.

Although it was a very hot day and we were all dripping in perspiration, it felt good to be doing something for a charity. It may not be a lot but every little bit counts.

Went home and look at how Baileys obsessed over sniffing my clothes. Haha….yes, I was cavorting with other dogs!!! I don’t throw my clothes on the floor ok…was just very amused at how my dog was more interested in sniffing my clothes than anything else.

If only my mum let me have another dog…then Baileys will have a sister or bro. Saw 2 very adorable mongrel pups at ASD which were rescued from a canal. They were probably very traumatised because they are soooo afraid of humans and will run and hide behind or under anything. But they’ve got such sweet faces. Sorry…didn’t take much pics cos hands were really splattered with paint etc.

So please show your support and remember: A pet is for LIFE!

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